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  Protection Dog

What is a Protection Dog?

A protection dog is specially bred, selected, and trained to provide protection for you, your family, and your property. A good protection dog may or may not have show quality as great protection dogs must be bred and selected for protection. The right dog should have been selected for not only pedigree, but more importantly, physical structure, strength, agility, stability of temperament, and courage in action. In addition to these qualities, the dog must have the social skills to bond with all family members and pets thus becoming an affectionate member of the family. A protection dog must be able to function under extreme pressure in all circumstances and must be properly trained to always obey the handler’s commands in a timely and precise manner. The most common breeds in protection work are the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman and the Belgian Malinois

Family and Personal Protection Dogs:

In whol World, street crime and property burglaries have skyrocketed. Even in the most affluent neighborhoods that historically had a strong police presence crime is up. If you are someone who has something of value or who is suspected of having something of value, then you or your family are potential victims of crime. Unfortunately, whether it is a street robbery, assault, or burglary, your chances of having yourself, your family, and your property protected adequately by the police are pretty small.
A well bred family and personal protection dog with sound temperament in addition to becoming an affectionate complimenting member of the family unit will offer protection advantages over more costly measures such as alarm systems, firearms, or body guards.

The Potential Advantages:

Deterrent:  Our protection dogs are stable and confident and they are bred to represent their working breeds very well in protection work.  Generally, a person with criminal intent would have to be mentally unstable to approach one of our personal protection dogs without some forethought. Therefore, the possibility of a random street or property crime occurring to you or your family while the dog is available to you is pretty remote.
Advanced Warning:  With superior eyesight, hearing, and smell, our protection dogs will recognize and give warning about a potential threat long before you or anyone else is aware of it.
No License Required/Less Risk Than A Firearm:  Unlike a firearm, a protection dog does not require a license. It is impossible to recall a bullet fired in the direction of a criminal but our dogs can be called off an attacker. You need not lock our dogs away as you would a firearm in an effort to protect family members.
Always On High Alert: Our protection dogs offer high level, dedicated protection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your dog functions like this while off leash and without restraint. Whether you are standing still, sitting or lying down your dog will position, him or herself, between you and the approaching threat. If walking, the dog will perform equally whether you are walking forward, sideways, or backwards.
The dog takes this exercise to such an extreme level that if a person is approaching you from behind while you are walking down the street or working in your yard, the dog will turn around, face the person behind you, and walk backwards by your side while showing aggression! Not only are the Personal Protection Dogs extremely functional, they are very effective deterrents against criminal intent.
The "Secure" command also enables you to focus on what is most important to you: getting yourself and those you care most about into as safe a place as possible. If the threat is someone unexpectedly entering your property, your focus may be picking up your children and taking them into the house. You will be able to focus on your children while your dog focuses on the threat to your family.