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 Our Mission

Most people will go through life without ever being threatened. What becomes more important in everyday life is how well behaved is this new member of your family. Our dogs are taught to obey your command said once in a normal tone, regardless of the situation. In addition, you get from the dog complete off-leash control and impeccable manners.

Protect - relentlessly and unmatched until given his "release" command.

Protection from a Potential Threat
The presence of a large German Shepherd will usually deter less experienced criminals. If the appearance of the dog is not enough, then an intense display of aggression will usually stop most others with criminal intent. The problem is what if the threat is not deterred by the presence or aggression of the dog? In the case of protection dogs when the dogs showing of aggression does not stop the criminal intent then the use of force on the part of the dog will most likely be needed.
Our Personal Protection Dogs Level 2 and 3 provide protection in all three situations:
1.    As a visible deterrent based on appearance.
2.    With a display of aggression.
3.    With a skillful and prolonged attack if necessary.

We are trainers who have the 'real thing' - dogs that are trained from an early age to protect you and your family in real situations and not just how to bite an arm sleeve on a training field.
Although most of our dogs have excellent pedigrees, they are not selected for their paperwork. They are selected for their individual health and temperament which is correct for the demands of our program. Our dogs are friendly and dignified. Aggression is only displayed on your command or in the face of a direct threat.

Superior K9 Protection dogs come from top European breeders into our training program. Our dogs will not be out performed in obedience or protection anywhere in the World.

Our dogs are chosen for health and temperament first