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 Our Dogs

Personal Protection Dog-RottweilerPersonal Protection Dog-german Shepherd

Superior K9 Protection dogs can be primarily classified into three categories:  show, police or military, and personal or family protection. In over 35 years of breeding and training experience we have provided all three types of dogs to private citizens and governments throughout the world. Our experience with thousands of dogs over the years has led us to conclude that great personal and family protection dogs are inherently different in terms of temperament and personality from police dogs.  We also believe that most show dogs despite excellent pedigrees are first and foremost great actors. Show dogs because of their personalities may not make great protection dogs any more than an actor playing a cop in a movie would make a good cop.
Superior K9 Protection personal and family protection dogs should be described as dominant, but not aggressive. They have excellent European bloodlines and each dog represents its working class breed very well. Many of our dogs have Impressive size and stature without evidence of any hip, neck or back problems. Only dogs with temperaments that allow them the ability to handle stressful situations without anxiety or insecurity are selected for personal and family protection training.  Each dog in testing has shown strong innate drives which are essential for protection.  In addition, ever dog chosen by us for personal and family protection must have demonstrated the ability to properly socialize with others.
Dog Selection

Superior K9 Protection dogs sold in the World are bred or selected for training specifically, for personal and family protection. We select our dogs on genetics, health, appearance, temperament, drive, and social behavior. All selected dogs have their health histories and genealogies reviewed before being certified in good health without evidence of congenital defects, allergies, heart disease, or hip dysplasia.  All dogs sold by Superior K9 Protection have been properly vaccinated, x-rayed to rule out skeletal problems, and micro chipped to aid in identification.
Training Philosophy

We train positively using lots of praise and always attempting to never use a stronger correction or harsher command then is necessary to assure correct and timely obedience.


What Our Dogs Are Not

Our dogs are not machines. They have unique personalities just like humans do. They have been effectively trained over a long period of time using positive methods which allow them to consistently obey our trainer’s commands in a timely and precise manner.  The dog must therefore, get to know you and your family well to truly become the fully obedient, loyal, and loving, protection dog, you desire. This will require time and effort on your part and it may take you six months to truly feel that you and your family have been entirely successful in this area. You will not be alone though, you can rest assured that SuperiorK9protection will be there every step of the way.




Home Invasions: Deter, Detect and a Viable Defense
Over the years we have worked hand-in-hand with professionals within the security field to create comprehensive security programs and protocols. These programs incorporate our highly trained protection dogs into a multi-layered security program. The number one concern with most of these clients is home invasion. This concern spans socio-economic backgrounds, profession or being in the public eye. What creates this concern for most people is education. The awareness of our vulnerability within our own homes.

Clearly economic instability is leading to a rise in crime, especially home invasions. An article in USA Today stated, “If you come home and find your home burglarized, it’s pretty much an insurance issue. But if they break into your house while you’re there and take you captive, it’s something you never recover from.” Let’s face it, most of us live in safe communities where it feels like we are far from the risk of harm. The reality is we are usually the most vulnerable in our homes. We are comfortable, off guard and cornered. Our homes should really be the one place where we are the most safe. Most secure. If there is a threat we should have home court advantage.

The first step to securing home and family is to understand the specific risks, and potential responses.

There are two primary tactics used in home invasions, the first is a crime of opportunity. It is simply a matter of a person waiting for unsuspecting homeowners to arrive home. As the homeowner gets out of their car (driveway or garage) the attack takes place, usually from behind. The homeowner is then forced into their home. The second type of home invasion is a forced entry at a front or rear door. A common saying among professionals is “locks keep honest people out”. That is because of the construction of most doors, door frames and hardware (including locks) are incapable of withstanding a forced entry.

An alarm system alerts law enforcement to a break-in. That presupposes the alarm is on. Often home invasions take place when alarm systems are turned off (just after returning home or in the middle of the day). Even if the alarm is on there is a wait for law enforcement to arrive.

If we want to increase the safety and security of our homes and families, we need to deter potential invaders altogether. If one does take place the next critical piece is being safe and buying time until law enforcement arrives. Should these intruders be intent on not being stopped, a viable means of defense will be required.

There are many different layers of security available to address each of these specific levels of threats. There are specially built re-enforced doors, door frames, specialty hardware, laminates for glass (resist bullets and breaking); handguns and the tactical training to use them safely and effectively, safe rooms and the list goes on. A comprehensive security program can easily run into $150,000.00 or more.

Highly trained protection dogs, such as ours, provide multiple layers of protection that no other single system can provide. The first is a deterrent. Criminals consistently do not back down when faced with a gun. After all, tough guys get shot. That same person will not only back down from a protection dog but can do so without loosing face. No one wants to be attacked by a dog.  The appearance of our dogs, as well as the way they carry themselves, clearly communicates this is not your typical dog. The message is clear: wrong home, wrong family!

As a deterrent, the dog must first be seen or heard. If the dog is not seen or heard, chances are the dog will see or hear them.  A protection dog provides detection, your personal “early warning system”. Whether this be in your home during the night or in your garage as you get out of your vehicle, seconds matter.

Let’s say the threat is escalated and a home invasion is taking place. Your dog is with you on one side of your home. The entry takes place on the other side. The most essential action to take is creating distance between you and the threat. The next step is to buy time while waiting for law enforcement to arrive.

A highly trained dog from Superior K9 Protection on command the dog runs to your side. He or she remains by your side positioning himself or herself between you and the potential threat, all while showing aggression. The dog does this all while off-leash without the need for restraint. This enables you to move freely, including getting children together and positioning yourself in the safest place possible. Even the most incoherent person would typically be unwilling to walk into your dog’s radius while showing aggression.

As a last line of defense, if harm is imminent (the intruders are armed), then the dog is used to attack while you evacuate your home. Only once law enforcement has arrived will you take back control of your dog and stop the attack. Until then the dog is engaged in saving your life.

A highly trained protection dog is a valuable addition to any home and family security system. The fewer layers of security in place, the greater the importance and benefit of owning a highly trained protection dog.